The fourth eco_media symposium will be held at RMIT (with remote presentation options) on Tuesday 29 November 2022.

We’re delighted to be working with the following partners:

Intellect Books & Journals are our publishing partner. Full details here.

The AFI Research Collection is a specialist public film and television industry resource housing materials encompassing global cinema and television, including press clippings, books, journals, film and television scripts, policy reports, film promotional material, and film festival catalogues. For more info, to search the catalogue or to chat to the outstanding AFI librarians, visit the AFIRC website or check out their Instagram.

Screen & Sound Cultures, at RMIT University, is a collaborative research group for scholars and creative practitioners working across the fields of screen studies, music, filmmaking, media history, curatorial practice, sound design, online media and a range of other interconnected fields. It foregrounds and fosters cross-disciplinary research, local and international collaborations, industry and community links, and the nexus between teaching and research.